Career Objective

OBJECTIVE SKILLS PROJECTS INTERESTS Sports , Fitness , Reading , Traveling , Gaming I am a passionate and motivated Computer Science graduate who has gather knowledge in diverse fields such as Data Communication & Network , Internet and Web Technology and Software Engineering among others through extensive research and by working on a variant of projects .


  1. education : 0
    experience : 26
    skills : 58.33

Personal Details

Name : React Router

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Phone : []

Total Years Of Experience : 0


skills_from_resume : React, R, Bootstrap, Mysql, Sports, Routing, Cloud, Design, Distribution, Next.js, Dhcp, Computer science, Js, Css3, Ui, Cisco, Express.js, Communication, Powerpoint, Programming, C, Javascript, Node.js, Es6, Redux, Github, Engineering, Html5, Fitness, Research

skills_from_job_Description : React, Cloud function, Mysql, Saas, Enzyme, Cloud, Design, Graphql, Next.js, Seo, Testing, Wordpress, React.js, Js, Jest, Next, Express.js, Typescript, Javascript, Node.js, Es6, Redux.js, Process

matching_skills_between_resume_and_job_description : Es6, Redux.js, Design, React, Cloud, Express.js, Javascript, Node.js, Mysql, Next.js, Js

msbrajd_count : 11


  1. 'No Data'

  2. degree : BS
    results : CGPA : 3.09

  3. degree : Higher Secondary Certificate
    results : GPA : 4.83

  4. degree : Secondary School Certificate
    institute : TALUKDER HIGH SCHOOL
    results : GPA : 5.00

Educations AI

  1. college : North South University

    degree : BS in Computer Science and Engineering

    results : CGPA : 3.09/4.00

  2. college : Sarishabari College

    degree : Higher Secondary Certificate

    results : HSC 2016 Board : Dhaka GPA : 4.83/5.00

  3. college : Sarishabari Riaz Uddin Talukder High School

    degree : Secondary School Certificate

    results : SSC 2014 Board : Dhaka GPA : 5.00/5.00

Work Experiences

  1. Company : 1. Memories Software Engineering
    Description : This Web-app simple social media app that allows user to post interesting events that happened in their life. We are gonna be able to register, login at new post, update and delete them and also update profile information.
    Designation : Software Engineer
    Duration : 1 Year

  2. Company : 2. Support Internet and Web Technology
    Description : This web-app help students who needs help for doing Assignment, Report, Project, PowerPoint Slide and Graphics Design. User can book a time and discussion their problem. Teacher can give solution to students.
    Designation : Web Developer
    Duration : 1 Year

  3. Company : 3. Cisco Packet Tracer Data Communication & Network
    Description : A network distribution company have head office in Dhaka and other three office different place in Bangladesh. For this company the network address to distribute addresses efficiently without wasting them unnecessarily to all subnet. Using ACLs to allow DHCP traffic, appropriate VLANs, SSH, EIGRP routing protocol.
    Designation : Network Engineer
    Duration : 1 Year

  4. Company : 4. Complete Web Development Course By Programming Hero
    Description : This is a complete web development course that will take you from absolute beginner to competent web developer.
    Designation : Web Developer
    Duration : 3 Months

  5. Company : 5. The Complete Full-Stack JavaScript Course By Udemy
    Description : This is a complete JavaScript course that will take you from absolute beginner to competent full-stack JavaScript developer.
    Designation : Web Developer
    Duration : 3 Months

  6. Company : 6. Learn MySQL course By Udemy
    Description : This MySQL course will take you from beginner to advanced. You will learn how to design, create, and manage MySQL databases.
    Designation : Database Administrator
    Duration : 3 Months

Experience score details

experience_years_from_job_description : 3

experience_years_from_resume : 0

related_skill_score : 0

title_score : 78