Career Objective


  1. education : 0
    experience : 16.67
    skills : 51.19

Personal Details

Name : Md. Khairul

Email :

Phone : ['+8801839118388']

Total Years Of Experience : 1


skills_from_resume : Rest, React, Mysql, Website, Css, Git, Jquery, Express, Ruby, React.js, Ui, Front end, Database, Express.js, Typescript, Programming, Api, Javascript, Node.js, Redux, Github, Click, Statistics, Engineering, Html

skills_from_job_Description : React, Cloud function, Mysql, Saas, Enzyme, Cloud, Design, Graphql, Next.js, Seo, Testing, Wordpress, React.js, Js, Jest, Next, Express.js, Typescript, Javascript, Node.js, Es6, Redux.js, Process

matching_skills_between_resume_and_job_description : Redux.js, Javascript, React, Express.js, Node.js, Typescript, React.js, Mysql

msbrajd_count : 8


  1. 'No Data'

  2. degree :
    institute : and Engineering University
    results :

  3. degree : Higher Secondary Education
    institute : Nazrul Government College
    results :

  4. 'No Data'

Educations AI

  1. college : University of Asia Pacific

    degree : B.Sc. in Computer Science and Engineering

    results : First Class Honors

Work Experiences

  1. Company : Flux IT
    Description : Converted a bunch of React class components to functional components, refactored some components that were using jQuery under the hood to work totally in the React way, wrote an API to generate data that was consumed by the front end to display graphs, implemented custom scroll behavior by modifying an existing pinch-to-zoom library as per project need
    Designation : Software Developer
    Duration : January 2021 - Present

  2. Company : Meme Gallery Website
    Description : Built with the MERN stack to upload/view memes, images. Users can save memes by pasting an URL / upload from the device, and can see upload statistics for the last 7 days in a chart, and can delete memes / images in a single click. Includes lazy image loading.
    Designation : Front End
    Duration : Github Repo >

  3. Company : Shortify - URL Shortener Website
    Description : Intuitively easy to use URL shortener with beautiful UI and animations. Front end built with React.js and back end built with Node.js, Express and MongoDB. Back end implemented by following the REST API and MVC conventions.
    Designation : Front End
    Duration : Github Repo >

  4. Company : Chess Game
    Description :
    Designation : Github Repo
    Duration : Implemented a simple chess game that can be played on the console/terminal.

Experience score details

experience_years_from_job_description : 3

experience_years_from_resume : 1

related_skill_score : 16.67

title_score : 0